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It was entirely owing to this deficiency in the scheme of things that Arthur had ever brought any one into trouble ancient egypt family in life himself. He was nothing if not good-natured; and all his pictures of the future, when he should come into the estate, were made up of a prosperous, contented tenantry, adoring their landlord, who would be the model of an English gentleman- mansion in first-rate order, all elegance and high taste-jolly housekeeping, finest stud in Loamshire-purse open to all public objects-in short, everything as different as possible from what was now associated with the name of Donnithorne. And one of the first good actions he would perform in that future should be to increase Irwines income for the vicarage of Hayslope, so that ancient egypt family in life might keep a carriage for his mother and sisters. His hearty affection for the rector dated from the age of frocks and trousers. It was an affection partly filial, partly fraternal- fraternal enough to make him like Irwines company better than that of most younger men, and filial enough to make him shrink strongly from incurring Irwines disapprobation.
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